Boardroom to Bonfire: Transform Your Team at Suraaj Farms

Escape the confines of the traditional office and unlock the power of nature to inspire and transform your team at Suraaj Farms. Located in the vibrant heart of north Delhi, our sprawling estate offers a unique and unforgettable setting for corporate retreats, team- building experiences and offsite brainstorming sessions.

Team Challanges:

Unleash team spirit and ignite collaboration with our exhilarating ATV rides. Feel the thrill of navigating scenic trails, conquer challenges together and create lasting memories that will resonate long after you return to the office. This adventure-filled experience fosters camaraderie and builds trust within your team.

Versatile Spaces for Work and Play:

At Suraaj Farms, we understand that successful team-building experiences require a balance of work and play. Our expansive lawns provide the perfect canvas for collaborative activities, while our poolside cabana offers a tranquil oasis for relaxation and informal networking. When the workday winds down, gather around the bonfire for a night of reflection, sharing stories and strengthening connections on a personal level.

Networking Nests:

We’ve created cosy corners throughout our property that are ideal for small group discussions or one-on-one conversations. These ‘networking nests’ are serene, scenic spots that encourage open and meaningful exchanges.

Beyond the Boardroom: Forge Meaningful Connections

True team spirit extends beyond work projects. At Suraaj Farms, we facilitate opportunities for team members to connect on a deeper level, away from the daily grind. Whether it’s a friendly game of cricket, an impromptu nature walk or heartfelt conversations under the stars, these shared experiences foster a sense of belonging and mutual support

Mindfulness and Meditation:

Begin your day at Suraaj Farms with guided meditation sessions in the peaceful surroundings of our gardens. It’s a perfect way to clear the mind and prepare for a day of creative thinking and collaboration.

Elevate Your Meetings, Strengthen Your Team:

For essential work sessions, Suraaj Farms provides state-of-the-art meeting spaces with high-speed internet, projectors and all the tech amenities you need for a productive offsite. Our customizable catering options ensure your team stays energized and focused, ready to tackle any challenge.

Tech-Savvy Retreats:

Our meeting rooms are equipped with the latest technology to facilitate seamless presentations and remote conferencing, ensuring that your team remains connected and productive, even while surrounded by nature.

Transform Your Team at Our Delhi Retreat:

Experience the transformative power of Suraaj Farms, where lush landscapes, diverse amenities and a commitment to fostering connection create the perfect backdrop for team growth. Leave the confines of the boardroom behind and step into a world designed to inspire, invigorate and unite your team. Book your corporate retreat today and discover the lasting impact of the Suraaj Farms experience.